Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflection...100th post

Well... this is it...the 100th POST. I think it's a milestone...just like a baby taking his first steps. It's funny because this past summer I started "blogging"...thinking it was a CRAZY idea. What would I have to write about...who would even read it? I've discovered that the "what" part and the "who" part doesn't really matter. The chance to have an outlet for words is theraputic and just maybe someone else might get motivated as well...therefore it's a WIN/WIN situation.
So to those that do read this...THANK YOU!
Here's to us...the few, the tired, the puke-cleaner upers...the bold... the becoming FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS MOMMIES!

In honor of the 100th post...if there's any burning questions out there...I'd be happy to answer!

Now get up and ...

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Mighty M said...

Congrats! I am just a few posts away from there myself!! Keep up the good work!