Friday, February 19, 2010

20 miles!

This is what my face looks like when I think of 20 miles!!

That's right...20 miles! What do you think of when you see 20 miles typed? 20 miles to the next rest area? 20 miles to get home from work? 20 miles to your favorite place to eat?

Well 20 miles is my GOAL for tomorrow...RUNNING for 3 to 3 1/1 hours is what 20 miles means to me!
Wish me luck!
What are you going to do to sweat this week-end??
Hope it's more fun than running 20 miles!

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steph said...

When I think of 20 miles, I think about how I wish that was the driving distance b/w Indy and Newburgh! And about sweating this weekend...uh, it would take me running 20 miles to sweat in this weather! ha!

I admire your drive and desire to push yourself to new limits. I know you can do it and do it well! Your friendship is a huge blessing in my life! Thank you for being who you are and motivating all of us in our own unique ways:) Love you!

Rachel said...

Rock on!!!!!!!! You are doin' it! I can't wait to hear how you do in the marathon. You've done GREAT in the training. Congratulations for being a do-er, not a dreamer!

Mighty M said...

You are going to do fantastic!