Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday...again??? Snow day

This reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia...the wintery white snow and the lamp post?

Cj was having fun running and bouncing in the snow.

We stayed in and they made a "bed" in the hallway and were "resting"!!

Hoping that you are warm and are keeping up with the exercise.
I logged 18miles this past Saturday! Crazy to run for 3 hours straight!!!
So ready for spring!!

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Cassie said...

I love that first is just gorgeous!

Mighty M said...

The snow is really pretty. I hope you are not buried in it for too long!

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Love the snow pics! And, yes, ready for spring!!

ModernMom said...

Oh you got some great shots!! Love the pictures, hate the snow:)