Monday, February 22, 2010


It is a GREAT DAY!! WHY...because I have sunshine in my heart!!

This week-end was filled with WONDERFUL sunshine and warmer temperatures.... a true blessing for us as we needed to play outside! Today on the way to teach Mommy and Me class Jackson asked a question.

"Mom, where is the sunshine today?" (It is very cloudy and overcast today with much lower temperature than the last 2 days.)

I told him that the clouds were blocking the sun today, but that it was still in the sky.
He proceed to tell me that he didn't like the clouds!
I told him that I too like the sun, but the clouds aren't a bad thing as long as we can keep SUNSHINE in our hearts!!
He said..."that's good mom! SUNSHINE in my heart!!"

So let SUNSHINE be in your heart no matter what the skies look like!!

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY...REJOICE and be glad in it!!!

Oh, and by the way... I rocked on Saturday morning!
FINISHED my first EVER 20 miles!! Best part...I wasn't really sore the next day or today. Just a little tight in the hamstrings...not bad!! Thanks to the sunshine and my friend Molly's strength for pulling me though the last few miles! ( She is 34 just had a baby last week...which was a mircle after having a mastectomy and chemo for breast cancer WHILE pregnant (they found the cancer when she was 8weeks)...she starts round 2 chemo this week.) I thought of her those last few miles...and lifted my legs up because of her!!! Each step was hard...but after what she's been battling I thought...suck it up and RUN!
I would be humbled if you would keep her close in prayer this week.

Now...what did you do this week-end???

Can't wait to hear!!!

GET UP and GO...

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Mighty M said...

Great job on your run - will pray for Molly!!

Andrea said...

AWESOME!!! Great job....lifting Molly up each day. Can't wait to get back to it this week. See you soon!