Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm BACK!!

Did you think I ran off to become a Las Vegas show girl??? Well as "fun" as that might be...and a GREAT WORKOUT...I didn't change roles of mommy for topless "show girl". It's just been a little crazy for us. We were gone for a fast week-end to Vegas, then home for 2 days, and back across the states to San Franciso California! Hubby had a conference there and I had an agenda...WINE COUNTRY!!! Which we got to visit on our last day there...renting a red convertible mustang and all!!
Once back after 5 days, last week was literally CATCH UP!!! Catch up on the MOUNTAIN of laundry, feeling better (as I had strep throat...did get a Zpack while there), get some miles on the legs running, and just giving lots of LOVE to my boys! THEN it was time for Dane's 2nd BDAY...that was fun... so... there will be LOTS of pictures to come...and stories!
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and KICKING!

Hope you've been getting your workout in!! Anything new?

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Mighty M said...

So busy!! Sounds fun though! Mickey and I are going to Vegas in mid-May and I am SO excited!!!! :)