Monday, March 29, 2010


That could be the adjective for our EVERYONE is on an antibiotic!
Hubby was first, with a diagnosis of PNEUMONIA last week. Then Dane got a "cold", but I decided to be PROACTIVE...ok maybe "pushy" and thought in light of Hubby's illness he needed antibiotics!
Then I started feeling a little "tingle" in my chest... causing me to cough when I took in a deep breath! Probably was nothing I told myself...but in light of my FIRST FULL MARATHON less than 2 weeks away... I NEED to BREATHE! So, I too have antibiotics! Jackson has been having some drainage from his Right ear... already did ear drops 2 weeks ago...not better...SO follow up today and he is going to have the "pleasure" of his THRID SET OF TUBES!!! Yes, oral antibiotics, ear drops with antibiotics, and surgery next week!
BUT I must say...everyone is being a trooper. Jackson doesn't seem to act sick, Dane a little whinning, Jay's mending, and I still taught the Mommy and Me class today.All in all not bad for a family of 4 on ANTIBIOTICS!

Hoping health is on your side!

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Mighty M said...

Oh no! I am so glad you are at least getting through it now and not in two weeks! I hope you all feel better very soon.