Sunday, March 21, 2010

It wasn't PRETTY...but we did it!

We ran 23 miles of the "offical" marathon course yesterday!!! IT WAS HILLY!!! YIKES!!! I knew it wasn't going to be easy...but MAN IT WAS REALLY TOUGH!! Mainly, I think becuase of the hills and not enough water stations.... so hopefully 3 weeks from TODAY that won't be the case. The acutally marathon should have water/powerade stations EVERY MILE! I truly think hydration is KEY!!
Not to mention bannans and orange slices...and guu!

Almost there...then I think it will be only half's for awhile! The body takes A LOT of stress training for a FULL! Hence, my body is aching a bit today!!! Nothing some water and advil can't fix...that and a walk/strectch later.
So what did you do today to burn some calories???? I got 2300 off yesterday....THE BEST PART was having a slice of cheesecake last night and NOT even thinking twice about calories!!!
Must be all downhill from here.... I thought of these "hills" of San Fran....much steeper than those from yesterday...but I didn't run 23 miles out there!!

Have a BLESSED Sunday!

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Mighty M said...

One of the best parts of getting a ton of exercise is the guilt free reward you can have later!

Great job - you are gonna rock this marathon!! :)

Andrea said...

That's incredible! Congratulations!! Got your comment about the zoo...sorry I had to miss it! We were in Indy all weekend. Looking forward to getting back to class this week. Thanks for the "pass" last week. It was a rough one, but I was still RUNNING! SO, no worries there!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Whooottt!!! It will be SO different on race day, with the crowd, water stations and all of it. You've already done the hard part- training- so race day is the reward!!