Sunday, November 28, 2010


I got a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving blessing this past Wednesday!! We had ANOTHER ultrasound to check on the "bleeding" and it's GONE!!! So the "reduced" exercise and "no weight lifting" WORKED!!! I can come back to "normal" exercise with "medium" weight lifting....WOO HOO! GOD is GOOD all the time!
Truly, I haven't let myself grow "too attached" as a means of "protecting my feelings", but everything is "NORMAL" at this point!

When I saw the baby moving (flipping and kicking) and there were NO SIGNS of bleeding I started to cry...a HUGE weight was LIFTED off my heart and shoulders...and I felt this little baby literally FILL my heart! We have another ultrasound planned for Dec 23rd to check on things...and of course FIND OUT the sex!

For now LIFE is good...and about to get even better...tomorrow we head for SUNNY FLORIDA! DISNEYWORLD here we come!
Can't wait to see the boys faces when they see MAGIC KINGDOM!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!! Know get back to the EXERCISE routine and eating HEALTHY foods!

Here are my boys LOVING hanging out with their second cousins! The girls maybe not "loving" it as much!

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Mr Lonely said...

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Mighty M said...

This is awesome news!!! :)

Meagen said...

i am so glad to hear that all is well hopefully this time it will be girl! well it doesn't really matter just as long as the baby stays healthy. Have a good vacation and have fun with the boys. Take lots of pics.