Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life is good! ENJOY and STAY FOCUSED!

We have been enjoying fall... from pumpkin patches, hayrides, playing in the leaves, to trick or treating, and more. Life is never dull with 2 energetic little boys. Not to mention this little one inside my belly trying to suck some too!!!

How are things in your world??? Are you managing to stay on track with EXERCISE???
My Mommy and Me class JUST STARTED ANOTHER INCENTIVE!!! This is a GREAT way to help foster "sisterhood" within the class, help everyone set some goals, and ACCOMPLISH them, all while staying focused on getting their WORKOUTS in!
THe Holiday season is a true test of your commitment to HEALTH...we tend to let things "slip" and eat MORE CALORIES while exercising LESS! I'm DETERMINED not to let those that come to my classes "fall off the wagon"! I hope you'll decide to do the same and SET 3 GOALS for yourself over these next few weeks.

Ideally, you'll need to look at 3 aspects of your life- MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT! Identify one thing in each area and SET an OBTAINABLE yet CHALLENGING goal that can be completed in 6 weeks!!! To make it more "fun" and keep you "focused" ALLOW YOURSELF a special "treat" ONCE YOU COMPLETE THEM!!! Our class is required to meet AT LEAST 2 of 3 GOALS and attend class 8 out of 13 meetings. IF THE LADIES do this then their names will go into a drawing for AN EXPENSE PAID NIGHT AWAY on me!!!
I've agreed to DANGLE A CARROT in front of them..... 1 night stay, dinner for 2, breakfast for 2, and spa treatment for her at WEST BADEN SPRINGS HOTEL!!! It's one of my most favorite places..... JUST GOOGLE IT!
ANYWAY...that is their BIG INCENTIVE.... maybe you could CHOOSE to get a MANICURE/PEDICURE or indulge in a special outfit, or DATE NIGHT with hubby....whatever it is that MOTIVATES you to stay on TRACK!!!
So are you in????? I hope so!!! Let me know what your goals are!!!

Here is some of our fall fun at the HUBER's FARM!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great pics of the farm! your incentive package sounds awesome! I'd totally be motivated by that!

Mighty M said...

Love the farm pics! I do a pretty good job of working out consistently during the holidays - it's the eating I struggle with. Still, I try not to buy too much to keep in the house...only bake a little, and not worry too much on the major holidays. Your incentive sounds super fun!