Monday, November 15, 2010

Hike to the HEAVENS!

We have celebrated fall with a WONDERFUL long week-end getaway to Gatlinburg TN with some friends! To get some EXERCISE and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL scennary we decided to go on a little hike. It was JUST 2 MILES!! What we didn't really see at the BEGINNING of the TRAIL was this sign!!! Hubby said (after the hike) "Oh, I saw that sign, but thought we'd be ok!" SERIOUSLY!!! With all those kids and NO SNACKS, a couple of water bottles!!!
Check out the sign!!


LOOK AT HOW STEEP IT WAS....the guys went up...not even to the it was SCARY....we stopped with 5 kids at the "base" of the Rock! Literally we could see the "TOP" but NO-WAY to take the kids ROCK CLIMBING!

NOW check out the GROUP picture AFTER THE "little hike"! WHICH TOOK 4 HOURS! ONLY 1 KID STANDING!!!
WE had the BEST JUICE BOX and GOLDFISH EVER!!! Well deserved SNACK after that!!

Hoping you are enjoying the HOLIDAY kick-start!!! KEEP THOSE CALORIES BURNING... change things up....maybe GO ON A HIKE! Just look for the SIGNS...and be prepared!

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Mighty M said...

Very smart not to try to take the kids up - but the rest of the hike looked fun and how great to go with other people! :)

Andrea said...

That is too funny! Love Stacey's backpack across her chest!!

Brandi Cannon said...

OK, I couldn't even find Quentin in the picture. How is he staying on Stacey's back like that?