Tuesday, May 12, 2009


BIGGEST LOSER is PROOF that LIFESTYLE CHANGE can happen! Check this out!

Truly, as a dietitian and aerobics instructor I am so INSPIRED by these contestants! It PROVES that if your DESIRE to CHANGE is there you can make a DIFFERENCE. There is no "easy button"...it takes HARD WORK and EFFORT to start on the healthy path. Once you get rolling...you FEEL the difference...you LIVE the difference...you BECOME the difference.
JOIN me in the quest....LIFESTYLE change....Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous. If THEY can do it so can you!!!
Set a goal and JUST DO IT!!! Small steps toward BIG CHANGE!

What's yours???
I've decided... I AM GOING to RUN the mini martharon in October with hubby! Maybe several of the Mommy and Me-er's will join in the fun!!

GO out and

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Mighty M said...

I haven't been watching, but I know how inspiring it can be!!

Erin Davis said...

I'll do the warm up runs with you but no promises about the half marathon.