Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's up???

Ok... it's been almost a week since my last post. (Does that sound like I'm giving confession?...I 'm not even Catholic)
Anyway....Sorry it's been kinda crazy....just lots to do beside the "normal" Mommy stuff. I've been working REALLY hard on 2 fitness goals...preparing my first Zumba class and trying to START running. May not sound like A LOT, but it is!!!
Zumba requires memorizing at least 10 songs....music and choreography...and then to try and look "good" doing it. White girl can DANCE???? Not always! Anyway...it's FUN and giving me some extra calorie burning sessions. The other fitness challenge/goal has been to "start" running. I LOATHE running....bad track experience in high school...which I only did for 1 year! Anyways... I did buy some "running" shoes versus "aerobics" shoes and have started to break them in.
Any runners out there??? Advice???? It's just so BORING!!! I like people and music and motivation...not much of a "loner" when it comes to exercise. But for know I continue on in my quest to push myself outside of the "box"! Keeping it real!

Here's a few pictures of Dane after church. Hubby and Jackson were napping....I played "photo session" with Dane. ENJOY!

Get up and ....

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Stephanie Duncan said...

He is such a cutie. Love the sweater. I was into running a couple years back. I injured my hip somehow. I was putting in 20 miles a week, and after about 3-4 months of that came the pain. I really should get it checked out, would like to get back to the running. I agree that it is pretty boring, but I sure did feel great at that time (aside from the hip). I always enjoyed doing road races. Meet some nice people that way. Running is such a friendly sport.

quartermom said...

hey i know what you mean about running being boring. you have to find a couple things. really good motivational music, a treadmill, or a great area to run in. i enjoyed running on the treadmill the best.
a couple songs that really got me going and kept me going for 40 minute intervals was
Black Eyed Peas "pump it", Eminem "Till I Collapse", and some christian songs that were peppy.
mostly i noticed if i found a song that made me move..i was on it.

Erin Davis said...

As for the running...I have been working on the Couch to 5k program (google it if you are interested). It says it will take you from being a non-runner to running a 5k (or 30 minutes) in 9 weeks. There are several podcasts out there to help with the program and that really helps me.

Mighty M said...

Cute pics! You'll have to Vlog yourself doing the Zumba so we can all see! No advice on the running - blast that music!! ;-)