Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I did it!!!! I taught my first ZUMBA class today and it was GREAT!!! We were all DRIPPING with sweat, having fun, and shaking our "tailfeathers"!
It's so WONDERFUL to ACCOMPLISH a goal!!! Especially a fitness-geared goal! THANK YOUs to all those ladies there today...many for their first time too. The important thing is that we DID IT...and got those calories burned and our hearts some exercise!

**Still working on the "running thing"...have ran at least twice a week for the last few weeks! The mini marathron is not until October... so I think it's ok.

WHAT have you accomplished lately??? It's SO IMPORTANT to CELEBRATE your VICTORIES...even the littlest ones!!! Like sleeping 7 hours without a baby to wake you!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Hope all is well with each of you! Sorry for my lack of posts- but it truly has been a MONKEY of a week!
Enjoy the day and don't forget to...

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Mighty M said...

Nice work - sounds kind of fun!! I did 49 minutes of cardio this morning. Why 49? Well, I have taken to wearing a pedometer and am trying to get in at least 10000 steps a day. And today I wanted 6000 before I got done doing cardio this morning. 49 minutes. ;-) I'm not doing great on the weight training though - it's not happening as often as it should be!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

sounds like fun! I have done Zumba a few times, but was never dripping with sweat at the end.
Weight training? I am getting my butt back into it. I used to love it, and got out, but am back to a few days a week!

RunMommyRun said...

It has been 15 years since I took a cardio class...I keep meaning to get back into it. I just might have to pick up the class schedule at my gym. :)

You asked what gels I use: I prefer Cliff Shots...fewer ingredients (and ones that I can pronounce!) and 90% organic. I've been running for 8 years and I've tried other kinds, but these just taste the best to me.

Good luck w/ your training for your October mini-marathon!