Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I'm grateful for the fact that God blessed me with 2 healthy children and allowed me to become a mother. Times are tough...there are moments when I think...WHAT WAS I THINKING...but overall I know that I'm blessed beyond measure. One day my boys will be grown and out from under my feet...won't need diapers changed or noses wiped or my presence to fall asleep. Then I'm sure I'll miss those times. (sigh)
So today I celebrate each act that fills my day...the GREAT and the not-so great! Thank you GOD for making me a mother.

Thank you MOM for shaping me to be a good mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Now get out there and

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Rachel said...

Amen, Ms. Roxy. Couldn't have said it better. Happy Mother's Day!

Mighty M said...

I had a wonderful day! Thanks for the wishes and right back at you!! ;-)

Erin Davis said...

Thanks froteh reminder that sometimes poopy pants and nighttime feedings are a blessing. I am also thankful for healthy kiddos who love to be so close to mommy that sometimes she can't breathe.