Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 miles

TODAY I RAN 15 MILES!!! It is the LONGEST DISTANCE I've EVER ran ( prior to that a half marathon in October)! BUT I did it!!!
AMAZING!! Feeling a little stiff but nothing a hot bath and some Biofreeze can't help!
Never thought I'd be running, much less preparing for a FULL MARATHON- but I AM!!

What are you working toward?? How's it coming??? Do you see yourself ACCOMPLISHING it...or are you undermining yourself?? REMEMBER...YOU CAN DO IT...ATTITUDE is key!!

This is one of the reasons I CONTINUALLY push myself!

Happy Saturday!
Don't waste the sure to...

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Cassie said...

That is amazing! I am pushing myself every day. At the beginning of the month I was walk/jogging 2 miles in 30 minutes. Already, I am up to 4 miles in 40 minutes. I can't wait to be able to say that I ran 15 miles in one day! Go you!

Andrea said...

Awesome job! That really is an incredible feat! You are one strong momma! I did my run today too, although I can tell you it wasn't 15 miles!!

Mighty M said...

Great work!!!! :)

Rachel said...

ROCK ON!!!!! You can do anything. The biggest thing I learned from running my first 20 miles (at one time) was that, contrary to popular belief, I won't die by pushing myself to my limits. It got me thinking about all the other ways I nervously ration my energy, afraid I'll fail or come up empty handed. Not so!

Roxy said...

GREAT job to you Cassie and Andrea! Keep pushing!!! YOU will be able to say you too ran 15 miles in one day...I give you another 6 months~ Cassie- find a half marathon near you and SIGN UP!! This will give you a deadline and also look for a training group-essential for those long runs!
Andrea- I know your half marathon date...won't let you quit! Keep going!
Mighty M- know that you've been there and done that... keep up with those workouts!
Racheal- thanks for the tips... you're right...I wont' die...just have to keep pushing...we have 18 miles in 2 weeks????
Hugs to you all!