Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hard drive...died!

I've been MIA because my computer died....YES it DIED!! After almost 4 years the HARD DRIVE JUST STOPPED! I lost EVERYTHING on it...well...maybe my mom will be able to retrieve SOMETHING...FINGERS CROSSED for pictures. (She's a computer "freak" I mean that in a NICE way!) So let this serve as not only my lesson...but yours ...HAVE AN EXTERNAL back up!

On the bright side...this means I need a new computer....Looking at iMAC!!! Any thoughts???
Have you started that EXERCISE COMMITMENT YET???
Just ran 10 miles this am...full swing for the MARATHON training!

I'll be back soon...WITHDRAWALS from blogging!

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steph said...

You know (mac) what I (mac) think (mac)! Once again, kudos on the quick "10" this morning. Seriously girl, is there anything you can't do! I want some of what you're having. Uh...minus the fiber. tee hee! Anyway, did I mention thx for the treat the other day as well as did I mention what an awesome friend you are?!!! You hold a special place in my heart dear friend:) xoxo

The Alldredges said...

Stories like this make me SO nervous. I'm always afraid ours will crash one of these days and I'll lose all my pics! Thank goodness Walgreens was running $.09photos this week. You inspired me to get them all go ahead computer, crash.... I'm prepared. ;-)