Thursday, January 7, 2010

MAC town

WELL it came today!! MAC is in the house!!!
LOVE IT and have only been using it for 5 minutes!!! We had our first snow school for Jackson, no Kindermusik for Dane, and NO GYM for me!! We did brave the FRIGID temperatures and play outside for about 30 minutes...the same time it took for us to get bundled up to GO OUTSIDE!! My camera battery was dead so no pictures of BEFORE...did get a funny shot after we came in...cranky faces! Once I figure out the photo section...will post.
Hoping for Mommy and Me class tomorrow....if school is canceled they cancel classes at the YMCA! Fingers crossed.
THe FULL training is going well...however the run this Saturday is 12 miles and the temperature is only going to be around 7 degrees!! CRAZY...we'll see how that goes!

What about you? How are things with you? Are you getting those sweat sessions in??? Don't give up....keep pushing!! It WILL GET BETTER!!

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Andrea said...

let me know how you LOVE your mac (which I'm sure you will) When my dad was here he explained what the iMac is and said it was on his list of must haves.... I'm sure it's fantastic!

Mighty M said...

MAC's are awesome - you're going to love it!!

Roxy said...

it's the bomb thus far...still some learning but very user friendly

steph said...

So happy you chose wisely:) tee hee