Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday

As promised my "cranky face" picture after our "snow date" yesterday. The camera battery was charged while we froze, and I snapped these as soon as we came in!
Needless to say.... we didn't play in the snow today! I didn't crop these...but at least they are loaded onto the new computer and I've been "playing" with iphoto!

Hoping you are warm and have been able to sweat this week! It's single digits here...and I'm going to RUN OUTSIDE tomorrow morning...12 miles! YIKES...what's wrong with me???


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ModernMom said...

Run! I so admire you. :)
Love your blog too.
(and I am your newest follower!)

Roxy said...

THANKS!!! I have a lady that is from Quebec that comes to my Mommy and Me class. I know it's not Ontario but it's CANADA yeh?