Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Well it did mine!
Quick version... found a lump on Saturday evening...still there on Sunday...showed hubby...he felt it too...called MD on Monday in to see her that afternoon...WE COULDN'T find it. WEIRD...nothing.

I decided to not take it's "disappearance" be luck. Scheduled mammogram and ultrasound (EVERY WOMAN needs a baseline BEFORE 40...I'm 33) Today was the day!

Great staff and was almost like a "spa" atomosphere. Went into a locker room, changed into a robe, waited in the back lobby...relaxing music... water, hot tea, magazines, waterfall...everything a spa has ....EXCEPT for the Xray tech that comes and calls my name..."Roxy".
She was wonderful...very "gentle" during the mammogram and explained everything. She even let me see the "pictures" afterward. Then it was time for the ultrasound...not as fun as the one at the OB's're WANTING to see something on that screen.
Anyway...WARM gel...what was a releif...and she looked, and looked, and found NADDA!
Well, a small cyst that looked empty...probably left from nursing Dane...stopped about 4 months ago. MD comes in reviews all the info...mammogram, ultrasound, even scans me himself and NADDA!!!
He agreed and PRAISED me for coming can NEVER me to careful. Just last week they had a 27 year old with a POSTIVE diagnosis....caught it early and she should be ok!
SO... BE PROACTIVE about your HEALTH...Don't think your invinscible!
DO your monthly self exams. Get a mammogram if your getting close to 40...even 35... and Take NO chances if you feel ANYTHING!!

I'm so GRATEFUL it was nothing...and I am a TRULY BLESSED. I couldn't not share this...thinking maybe ONE of you might see it...and just would "awaken" you to the thought of being "PROACTIVE" about your health!

Here's a link for more info on breast cancer!
Oh... and guess who will be WALKING in the local RACE FOR THE CURE walk EVERY YEAR!!

Sorry...not much of a "wordless" Wednesday!
Blessings and SWEAT!

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Mighty M said...

Oh Roxy - How stressful the past few days must have been! I am so glad it was nothing. I am 35 now and I keep thinking I should talk to my doctor about getting a mammogram pretty soon, even just a baseline. What a relief that you are fine! Take care...

Rachel said...

PHEW! Good for you for being proactive. I tend to be on the lazy side. Good reminder.

Laurie said...


I just read your post and it really got me thinking. My Mom had breast cancer and was lucky enought to have caught it in time.

I am 26 right now and I really do think of myself as invincible all the time. I never believe that someone my age could get breast cancer. But when you said you saw a 27yr old who was positive, I felt the hair in the back of my neck stand up.

So I am taking your advice and will be starting to check myself monthly. I will have to pass your advice and your link to others in my blog to help spread the word! Thank you so much for this post!

Andrea said...

Oh tears to my eyes as you can imagine. I am just so thankful that it was nothing and that you can rest assured. Praise God!

steph said...

I ALWAYS do my monthly well as Race for the Cure. Have been doing it for years! I also had a scare, similar to wasn't easy! Sadly, I know too many who have fought battles with breast cancer, but THANKFULLY they have all WON! Praise God!

quartermom said...

hey lex is still coughing..i'm gonna see how he is in the morning. thanks for asking. i did change my blog by myself..just found a cool link. still needs work ..i may have my hubby make me something when i think of a new name.

Andrea said...

I'm fairly sure that we will be there tomorrow night--I work until 5:00...hopefully shortly after that! Enjoy class tomorrow :)