Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy BIRTHDAY Jackson

I can't believe it's been 3 YEARS on this day that God gave us Jackson!! How blessed we are. Happy Birthday little man!

Just before the BIG day...what a BIG belly!

Getting ready to go home! We were SO CLUELESS!!

Birthday boy!
We've got BIG plans today for this BIG BOY!
Party at "PUMP it up"! He and his little friends can play, and play...then we'll load up with pizza and cake. (not allowed bring in other foods...ex veggies & fruit...which would have been on this RD's menu)
Oh,'s ALL in moderation!

Happy Friday!
Don't forget to SWEAT some this week-end!

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Mighty M said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time at the party! It all goes by so fast!! Love that you took pictures of your belly...I didn't. I got your DVD yesterday - thanks! I will do it tomorrow morning. And then, when I can walk again, I'll let you know how it went. ;-)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Happy birthday, Jackson. You are an angel. :)