Sunday, February 15, 2009

Loving my Hubby

Just need to give some credit where it's due! I love my hubby and appreciate everything that he does daily for me and our family!! This week-end he did it all...Starting on Friday....from making it to the Bday party EARLY... which meant leaving work and turning that mode "off" to playing with Jackson on all the "jumpy" things,to entertaining guests....some he'd never met (Mommy and Me-ers), feeding Dane a bottle...which let me continue "party mode", and even helping pick up after everyone was gone. Not to mention that once I arrived home he took my car to get the low fuel light came on during my drive home with two SCREAMING kids...then made a bottle for Dane was he got back. WOW...all in a day's work for Daddy.
Saturday came...back to work he went...only after getting up EARLY with Dane and giving him a bottle and then taking him into the bathroom to play in the bouncy seat while he got ready for the day.... ALL this while I caught a few extra Z's after being up with Jackson for several hours that night. CAN I GET an WOW!!!
Then he made it home from work around noon and spent SEVERAL hours outside cleaning up debris from the ice storm. (Which included the use of "power tools"...= some fun for him) After that he put on the "chef" hat and grilled us some AWESOME fillets...YUMMY! He didn't forget about Valentine's day either...with a "mushy" card and mouth-watering chocolate from Libbs! THE BEST!

I really could go on and on about EVERYTHING he did...but I don't want to make you too jealous!'s nothing outside of ordinary for Jay...he is truly a WONDERFUL man, and GOD has blessed me beyond my comprehension!

So here's to my friend, my life partner, my other half without him I'd be lost!
Thank you for loving me!

Hope you got in some POST CHOCOLATE exercise today!!! All of us Mommies in class got a GREAT calorie burner...we'll be doing it all week! Hope you keep up!

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Life on Thorns said...

Good feelings these show your inner sensations for your hubby

Andrea said...

Today's workout was awesome. Did you pick it b/c you knew I was adding back my riser?! I was laughing on the inside the entire between breaths of course. Seriously today was hard core and I loved it!

Mighty M said...

Great post! Sounds like you have a keeper there!! :-)

steph said...

At least somebody appreciates their husband!!! I'm so glad you did that post...too often women complain, complain, complain about their husbands....and I can't stand it! Go Jay and Christa!!!!! Kudos:)