Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Minnie Vacation

Sorry...it's been almost a WEEK... YIKES! Things were crazy over the week-end with my mom, sister, and two nephews visiting....and Jay's sister and her two kiddos were up for the week-end too. Lot's of PEOPLE to see and FUN to be had. Needless to say when I woke up yesterday... I was like, "Where am I?". Plus Dane and I are battling the head cold...no fun!

BUT there's LIGHT at the end of this tunnel... a MINNIE VACATION is coming this week-end. Well, not exactly a FULL BLOWN vacation....but there will be some fun mixed with work. My hubby has a conference in Florida and I'm going with him.
No kiddos...just us! It will be 4 nights away from the little ones...but they'll have fun with Mam-Maw.

So have you guessed WHERE in Florida???

I know....I'm a bad mommy to go to ORLANDO and visit MICKEY and Minnie without the kiddos....BUT it is business...and we'll be BUSY with meetings.

We did take JACKSON just over a year ago...before Dane was born for a "fun family" vacation. Maybe we can go again this Christmas season with both boys...present for everyone!

Until then... I'm ready for some ALONE mommy and daddy time... nice dinners, good conversation, some marriage rejuevation! Sounds like a good prescription for everyone!

Oh...and I WILL EXERCISE while there...just case you were wondering!

How's your exercise routine??? Are you feeling STRONGER????
I hope so!
Have a GREAT week!

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Mighty M said...

That sounds so wonderful and nice! I would have a blast as Disneyland without the kids. Of course, you will be BUSY and all and won't have any time for fun! ;-) Enjoy!

Stephanie Duncan said...

Good for you! Hope you enjoy your trip. I'm afraid I have still not been making exercize a priority. Hope to be back to Mommy and Me next week. I really intend to check out some different aerobic classes at some point. I'm finding it hard to add exercize to the mix of Hubby, Baby, housework, and work. Later.