Sunday, February 1, 2009

Power at LAST!!

Well...did anyone miss me? It was NOT by choice to be away from you this long... mother nature took over and dumped ICE and Snow all around us!!! We have been without power for 5 days!!! CRAZY!!! Luckily, my MIL had power so we camped out at her house...nice to be warm and have food...but still not my HOUSE! We stayed tucked away in our own house Tuesday when the first round hit and we still had power...but then EARLY Wednesday morning...3am to be exact I was awaken to the sound of CRACKLING limbs and then a THUD outside the window. Just then the lights went out...not fun...hubby out of town and I'm home with two little ones! BUT working on becoming FIT, FIERCE, and Fabulous...the FIERCENESS took over and I handled the situation! We even had french toast and hot cocoa that morning (gas stove)! I tried to wait it out until about 4:30 that day (that is 2 WHOLE days of being home...CRAZY for this momma!!), but finally gave in and headed for the MIL's house that evening. The house was getting cold and it's hard to entertain an almost 3 year old and 10 month old once the sun goes down...especially a cold house.
ANYWAY...I'm at home...cozy in my chair and getting ready to get in my OWN bed!! YEAH!!! How BLESSED we are to be warm, fed, and able to sleep in our house tonight. Count your blessings!!!

Oh, and if your wondering... I did miss going to the gym T, Wed, & Thursday...but made up for it on Friday, Saturday, and Today. Actually, today hubby took his FIRST ever Bodypump class....well it was me TELLING him what to do...more like a personal training BP session...but fun at the same time! Hope you got your sweat on too...this week will be pay back for many!
Snow pictures to follow....left the camera at the MIL's house.

Oh and I'm halfway into THE SHACK...getting really good!
Sleep well,

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Mighty M said...

Wow! I can't believe you went without power for 5 days!! I would have gone mad! Glad you are back online. Love that your husband went to work out at your class! :-)

Juls said...

Thanks for the tips! I read The Shack & really loved it back in November.

Andrea said...

i knew you didn't have power simply because I hadn't heard from you since Tuesday! Funny! We got ours back on Friday night...and were thrilled to be back home!!! Can't WAIT to get to the gym...

Mighty M said...

Hey - I just tagged you to play photo tag. My post won't be up until 5:00 Pacific, but if you want to play, check it out. Also..if you happen to read my not me monday post and just NOTICE i might have been eating some junk food, just know that I have been working hard to burn it all off! ;-)