Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hot Mommas!!

This is what the owner of Jimmy Jeng's said on Tuesday night...but he was talking about the "spicy" food we all ordered!!

Just a few of the ladies that come sweat with me on MWF...they do look HOT! All that sweat is paying off!

We had a GREAT food (not having to worry about feeding everyone else), focused conversation...(some of it spicy too), and just a few hours to recharge the mommy batteries! Thanks to those able to make it!
(way more than just exercise... It's MOMMYHOOD!)

Here's a few pictures of hubby feeding Dane. Poor baby...that is Dane!

WHAT... You're leaving me???

Daddy's gonna Feed me?


Heading to the gym... BODYPUMP is calling my name!
What did you do today? Plan your next "Mom's NIGHT out"...tell me what you did and we can swap stories!

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Mighty M said...

Let's see...30 minutes of cardio this morning (3 days in a row of NOT lowering my resistance setting either!), then class with the kids. Going to see a girlfriend tonight, actually. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the pictures of Dane too!

Roxy said...

You go GIRL!!! Wish that you were would be fun to sweat with ya...and go out for a Mom's night out! Maybe one day!!!
Have fun!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the super encouragement about strength training on my blog! I'll be back to check yours. Sounds like you have a great thing going. :)