Friday, April 24, 2009


Jackson is a MONSTER TRUCK Freak! Yes, that's right...there's no other word to describe his "love" of these little 4 wheeled "creatures" that have taken over my house! Here is a picture of the "line up" he created before nap!

But Guess who woke up AFTER Jackson went down???? Yep...Mr. Blue eye's who also LOVES big brother's trucks...especially when BIG BROTHER is NOT around!
This is the following snapshots!

What are you doing??? This is the RESPONSE I a little laugh!
He was "kicking" them down the stairs!!!

Then he sees a few more by me! HOT PURSUIT!

What's he looking at?? SUCCESS!!


Hope you have an AMAZING week-end with your family! Be sure to get up and...

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Mighty M said...

Cool! Boys seem to really like lining up their cars - and looks like you have a great "hill" for them do fall down too!! Have a great weekend!

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Made me smile---I can just see him pushing those down those stairs---good thing Jackson wasn't around ;-)

Andrea said...

Love how they were all lined up so perfectly! Too cute!