Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bodypump 69

Did you get your exercise in this week-end????

We sure it was time to LAUNCH BODYPUMP 69 at our gym!!! Every 3 months BP changes the tracks which means NEW MOVES and NEW MUSIC= Lot's of FUN and SORE muscles...GREAT WORKOUT... FITNESS MAGIC!

Here are several of the Bodypump instructors before class...remember it's EARLY Saturday 8am!!!
We each lead the class in a few tracks... mixing it up for the participants and having lots of Fun with the new release!

If you haven't tried the class... WHAT are you waiting for??? It's a GREAT way to get an ENTIRE workout in about an hour! Who doesn't want to increase their strength...what mom doesn't need to be STRONG???? What about some tight tushes or abs???? Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!

If Bodypump is not for you...which can ONLY be DECIDED after a few classes...which means you MUST ACTUALLY GO TO CLASS...then try something different. Something that challenges you physically and mentally (keeping those brain cells in shape)...BUT most importantly GIVES you the "Stress release" that your BODY NEEDS to be a GREAT MOM!

*** My bet is that you'll LOVE BP as much as me!!!! Check it out HERE!

So what are you waiting for???? GET UP and....

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