Monday, April 27, 2009

Backyard FUN

We were blessed with AMAZING weather this week-end which means lots of "outside" time! Here are a few pictures of my boys and The HUBBY!

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Oh, and hubby got lots of extra "brownie points" for redeeming himself about my birthday. (he had to work late and even forgot to tell me Happy birthday before he left for work!!!)

Well this is how it goes.... Saturday early evening came around and our babysitter found me with both boys at my feet...."SURPRISE!".
What???? (Hubby was still outside finishing yard work.)

She told me that Hubby called her earlier in the week and asked if she could watch the kiddos so he could take me out!?!?!?!?!?
Ok, I don't know about you ladies...but I ALWAYS PLAN EVERYTHING... the place, the sitter, the reservations, almost down to what he wears!!! No...I'm NOT that "controlling"'s just that it wouldn't get down if I didn't.

Anyway, a smile spread across my face as he walked in and also said "SURPRISE!".

Our GREAT babysitter took over with the boys and I was able to get ready in PEACE...all I was told was "wear a nice dress". get ready without little hands on you (and no telling what's on those hands) and to actually hear the radio!!! It was a great start to an awesome night.

Hubby took me to a VERY nice restaurant on the riverfront and we enjoyed an amazing dinner! Then a stroll along the waterfront...had to burn off some of those calories!
It was a GREAT end to a perfect day! (Started with Bodypump at 8am!!)

Hoping you had an amazing week-end too! Did you exercise????

Have a WONDERFUL week and don't forget to....

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Mighty M said...

What fun! I am taking my husband to dinner in Seattle next weekend! We are spending the night too - I am so excited!! I exercised a lot this weekend - have to make up for missing a couple days when I was sick last week. ;-)

Andrea said...

Yay! Go Jay! I've got a date THIS weekend, can't wait, it's been too long. Good for you guys!!