Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What is ZUMBA??? It's a Latin Inspired Dance-Fitness class! That's SHAKE YOUR TAILFEATHER and burn MAJOR CALORIES! The BEST part is that's your HAVING FUN and don't notice that's your "working out"!
Like DANCING with the STARS?? You'll LOVE ZUMBA!!! Truly it's a PARTY hour and has great results...especially for us areas are hips and abs...can I get an AMEN!
So go check it out and find a ZUMBA class near you!
I did and LOVED this past week-end I took the "Instructor course" and can now "teach it". Well... it's going to take some PRACTICE to get the music and moves down...but it's my next "fitness" goal. What's yours???

Have a GREAT day!
Oh, and Guess what... I turned 25 AGAIN today!!!

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Mighty M said...

I have heard about it - not sure I'm coordinated enough, but it sounds fun! Happy Birthday you 25-year old you!! ;-)

Executive Momma said...

Oh I am going to google this now. Sounds like it is right up my alley. 3 Months and my hips are just now starting to resemble their former selves! What a great idea!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a great evening out and try and take some time for yourself this afternoon! You deserve it!

quartermom said...

Happy Bday!! You are the rockinest mom i know.