Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy and Me class BREAKS a record!

I can't BELIEVE IT!!!! There were 23 moms and 11 babies in the Mommy and Me class today!!! What's even CRAZIER is that there were several "regulars" that were least 5 that I can think of right now! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!
WE had an AWESOME work out...sweating like the HOT MOMMAS we are...the energy was ELECTRIC!!!
Wish all of you could come too!
Really it's SO IMPORTANT to exercise for both mental and physical health...but the FELLOWSHIP with other moms also tops the chart! If you don't currently exercise...START!!! Find a walking buddy...a mom that needs to get out too...join a gym...go to an aerobics class...yeah just start your OWN Mommy and Me class. I'll give out some pointers...just ask! REALLY ANYTHING will help. Us Moms need to stick together and EXERCISE!!!
Can't believe we had 23 there today...GOD is GOOD!!!

HAve a wonderful week-end. I'm heading south for a ZUMBA training! Catch up later.

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Erin Davis said...

Yay!!! We are going to need a bigger room! (or an evening class...hint hint)

Mighty M said...


Stephanie Duncan said...

Yeah, it was pretty awesome to be a part of class yesterday. It was a great and much needed work out.

Executive Momma said...

Thank you so much for the comment you left. I think we do have a lot in common. You are so right about needing to find an outlet. I know that this will be critical to my success and sanity as a SAHM. My husband and I are praying about it even now. Congratulations on the record breaking. That is wonderful news.

Brandi Cannon said...

Sorry that I missed it! Hope you are having fun shaking your tail feather.

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Hope you had a great class---I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of new moves in class ;-) ANd, love the pic of the boys in the entertainment center!!

Stephanie Duncan said...

Won't be back in class until next week. Off tomorrow and going to try to make it to step or bodypump. I am going to fill out my goal sheet tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement to do so!