Monday, April 13, 2009

Post op day 3

Where has Roxy been??? Well... I've been here...but just a bit busy with Little Man!!!
Jackson is post op day # 3 of Tonsillectomy and 2nd set of tubes in his ears! He's DOING SURPISING WELL...which means JUMPING on the couch and RUNNING around like a wild man with an occasional "Mommy, my throat hurts". Overall, I'm very happy with my little trooper! They say that day #3-5 is the "WORST of it" fingers crossed that the next few days will be as good as the last.
I'll keep you posted!

Oh...and I did FINALLY get to exercise today! After 3 days of NOT doing much I was CRAVING some blood pumping...nothing too crazy today...just a walk.... QUICK walk against the WIND walk! Thanks to NICKIE...fellow Bodypumer for walking with me!!!
hugs to all!
Now go...

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quartermom said...

that's great news! i shook my booty in zumba for you today..i had a smile on my face the entire time and we even had a new prego come in..she was really sweet. see you soon.

Mighty M said...

Glad he is doing better! Poor thing...but this will make him feel better in general so that is good!!